Hot Teacher Who ‘Had Sex With Student And Told Police She Loved Him’ Finds A Way To Avoid Prison

The easiest way to not go to jail for having sex with an underage kid is to not have sex with an underage kid. What, were you expecting some fancy loophole that only a select few pedophiles know about? Literally all these teachers have to do is find someone their own age to boink, or at least READ the news to figure out what mistakes other teachers have done that led them to get caught – but it appears 23-year-old Taylor Boncal, who was charged with three counts of second degree sexual assault in Connecticut, may have cracked the code.

According to Daily Mail, Taylor Boncal has been granted “accelerated rehabilitation,” a program for first-time, nonviolent suspects. Boncal will have to stay in the program until July 2020 and cannot take any jobs that require supervisory roles over students, but in exchange for keeping it in her pants she gets to stay out of prison and, from what it looks like, her name won’t be going on the sex offenders registry.

Is this fair to other teachers out there who’ve been sentenced to prison time for boning students? No, but Taylor Boncal is sort of hot, and if there’s one absolute truth in this world it’s that ugly people don’t get treated the same as attractive ones. If you are at least a 7 when it comes to teacher student sex scandals, you’re probably still going to prison but at least people are jerking it to your photos instead of calling for the death penalty. I give Taylor an 8, because her smile is cute and was silly enough to let a few bikini photos leak out before deleting all her social media:

When it comes to teacher student sex scandals you always get bonus points for bikini photos, even if they make you look like a pasty whale.

Boncal and the unnamed student reportedly met while she was teaching at Conrad High School as part of her coursework for Central Connecticut State University. The kid asked for her phone number in December 2017, and because Taylor Boncal is an idiot she gave it to him:

According to police, the first sexual encounter happened in December, sometime around Christmas, at Boncal’s home.  

The first time they had sex, both she and the boy said they engaged in intercourse and then she performed oral sex on him. 

The boy told police they then had intercourse another three times at her home before January 11. 

On January 12, another student told the school’s athletic director about the affair and the boy was called into the principal’s office for questioning.(via)

The student tried to deny the affair, however after Boncal was questioned by police “she stated that the victim was kind to her. Boncal stated that she loved the victim and was emotional regarding her feelings for him.”


But in an odd twist of events, the unnamed student’s parents did not want any charges brought against Boncal – the school, however, went and threw her under the bus real quick in a letter to parents:

‘As educators, we are entrusted to protect and educate all of our students and know there are certain boundaries that can never be crossed…’

‘I hope you will not let the misconduct of this one individual cast a shadow over all of our staff members who demonstrate their commitment to our students every day.’(via)

Granted, I’d be throwing anything within arms’ reach under the bus if it meant I wasn’t liable for any damages. Grandma? Fine china? Family heirlooms? All crushed under the bus — you might not be able to put a price on granny or her antique teapot set, but old girl’s got 80 years under her belt and I’ve only got 25; I choose me.

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