Hot New Jersey Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Sending Nudes And Sexts To Underage Student

I’ve always wondered: if you get your name in the news for doing something less than stellar, does it make you feel better if people ignore 90% of the charges and talk about how hot you are instead? It’s gotta be flattering to be able to Google your name and see “Hot High School Teacher” at the start of the first few results, but when it’s followed by “Accused Of Sending Nudes And Sexts”? Not so great. And in the case of 29-year-old Michelina Aichele, she is pretty hot…

…but just like my not-too-hypothetical example, she’s also been accused of sending nudes and sexts to an underage kid. Did you see that twist coming? I for one did not!

According to My Central Jersey, Aichele was an English teacher at Montgomery High School when allegations came to light that she had begun an illicit relationship with one of the school’s 17-year-old students. Rather than jump to conclusions, the school contacted the police who then interviewed him on October 4th; he told them that “he had allegedly received nude photos from Aichele over a period of several months…the teen also provided details of alleged sexually explicit conversations that he and Aichele engaged in through social media and emails.”

Michelina Aichele was suspended from her teaching position on the same day. In a letter to the Montgomery Township School Community, Superintendent Nancy Gartenberg wrote that “This teacher was suspended and removed from the high school on Oct. 4, 2018 while the investigation was ongoing. The teacher’s suspension shall be continued pending a resolution of the criminal charges, and the district will continue to cooperate with the Somerset County Prosecutor and the Montgomery Township Police Department.”

Sadly, no further salacious details are known yet – was she snapping him pics of her chocolate starfish? Did the student suddenly have his pet hamster and several paper towel tubes go missing? Is Michelina Aichele secretly pregnant? Inquiring minds want to know for future spank bank deposits, or so I’m told.

But until then, Aichele will just have to wait until her day in court. She’s been charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, and will wait inside Somerset County Jail until her hearing.

[H/T My Central Jersey]