Hot Girl Who Survived Skydiving Crash Has Good Reason For Sharing Photo Of Her Peeing Her Pants

As far as bodily fluids go, most people are happy to go the entire day without coming into contact with anyone else’s, especially if they’re incontinent.

But for 25-year-old Emma Carey, accidentally unleashing pee in the middle of the work day isn’t uncommon, as the cute artist is now incontinent due to a horrific skydiving accident back in 2013; Emma landed stomach-first on the ground after jumping out of a helicopter at 14,000 feet with her instructor strapped to her back when the parachute wouldn’t open. Not only did she become incontinent from the fall, but it crushed her spine and left her paraplegic as well. And while doctors told Emma she’d never walk again, after years of surgery she can now walk without assistance.

Becoming incontinent: is it a fate worse than death?

“This is what I look like every. Single. Day. Multiple times a day,” Emma writes on her Instagram photo. “I think because I can walk, people tend to think I have completely recovered from my spinal cord injury…but the truth is I still have many lasting effects. One of them being that I am incontinent with both my bladder and bowels” – Emma can only hold about half a cup of liquid in her bladder before she starts to leak, which means she’s basically (in her own words) peeing herself “literally non-stop.”

“Now it’s five years later and I don’t think I have a single friend that hasn’t seen me pee.”

So why did Emma decide to share this photo of her pee-stained pants? You’d think this would be the sort of thing she wants to keep to yourself – but apparently the secret eventually grew to be too much to carry. “At first I was so embarrassed by this and tried to keep it a secret,” she explains. “I didn’t leave the house because I was so worried that people would find out…it was exhausting trying to keep it a secret, so instead I just didn’t let anyone get close to me.”

Eventually, Emma realized being incontinent isn’t the end of the world.

Eventually, Emma came to realize that shutting everybody out and getting angry whenever it was time to pee wasn’t the way to live life – she’d survived a SKYDIVING accident for fuck’s sake! “I tell people about how I’m incontinent generally within 10 minutes of meeting them,” Emma continues, “and now I’m posting a picture of my pee covered pants to over 100,000 people without a second thought.

The point of this isn’t for sympathy or for praise. It’s to show you that it is completely and entirely possible to not give a single sh*t about the things that people expect you to care about. Just because we have grown up to believe that certain things are taboo or shouldn’t be spoken about, doesn’t mean that they are…how you feel about certain situations is entirely up to you.”

Wise words from a wise girl – and as far as promoting your own sob story on Instagram for followers, this one seems pretty genuine. Now if she could just teach us how to fall out of a helicopter without dying, THAT’S a skill we could all (hopefully never ever have to) use.

[Images via Instagram, H/T Mirror]