Horse Born With Outline Of Another Horse On His Back

A chestnut foal was born in North Yorkshire, England that was dubbed such a work of art by its owners that they named him Da Vinci. That’s because the young brown horse has a white “shadow” image of itself on its back.

Maybe this is horse Jesus?

This is not some new horse hair fad where stable owners are dyeing weird patterns onto horses. Da Vinci was born at the Fyling Hall riding school with the ghostly image of another horse. The only thing crazier is if a guy was born with a birthmark in the shape of a guy on his stomach.

We pimped your horse!

Now before you guys scream “FAKE” and “PHOTOSHOP” there is plenty of evidence that this cute little horse is the real deal. Da Vinci was born in May after Wendy Bulmer who runs the riding school bought his mother, and didn’t know she was pregnant.

This is the horse equivalent of that guy who had an image of his baby tattooed on his cheek, but natural and not creepy. So nothing like that.

Bulmer says that chestnut horses typically have interesting patches but nothing as unique as this. The only thing that would make this wilder is if the horse marking has its own horse and it went on like that for infinity.

See him in action;

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Source: Daily Mail UK