Homeowners Investigate Hidden Cellar Found Under Carpet Despite Common Sense

When you move into an old house, you might find some cool old pieces owned by the homeowners before you. Could be anything from a vintage roll of wrapping paper to maybe a cool piece of vintage clothing. But these homeowners discovered an entirely hidden room while they were removing the old carpet above some hardwood floors. And yes, they found something locked away inside.

After removing the carpet, they noticed a circular latch. Maybe it’s just a secret compartment? Maybe there’s some hidden money??

Ah, crap. Stairs. This can’t be good.

If you remember, there were some other homeowners who found a hidden hole in their yard with steps leading down into it but despite that story, these homeowners actually DID find something buried underneath their house.

Those stairs aren’t creepy at all! But until a damn ghost comes flying your way, you might as well see what you can find.

Imgur user Madhats86 posted the images with most of the Imgur commenters expecting a skeleton or bloody weapons but instead they found…these.

A big shelf with rows and rows of old dusty jars can only mean one thing; Severed fingers, ears, noses, lips and tongues, right? Fortunately no, it’s just a bunch of jarred fruit and vegetables because that’s what people in the 50’s did in case the bomb would drop and they had to hide out in the cellar…as if that would’ve done any good.

OR…they were just ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Regardless, what looks like a bunch of old food and dusty household items is something a bit more valuable.

As you can see, there’s some pretty cool vintage glassware which one could easily sell for more than a few bucks. Not to mention the old tools, plates and God knows what else they find down there. Depending on the brands and year the glassware has, a single piece could be worth $500 or more. Talk about hitting a lottery you may not have known even existed! Of course there’s no way to determine the value of their collection since they’ve only posted a few photos but seeing how stocked these shelves are, they might be the Beverly Hillbillies of weird hidden cellars

One issue however that some commenters have noticed, that some horror movie viewers can agree with is, well, you just don’t go into a cellar that has been clearly hidden away on purpose.