These Homeowners Found A Creepy “Curse” Buried Deep In Their Yard

It’s one thing to find something creepy from a previous homeowner in the attic or basement but it’s a whole other level of weird when the previous homeowner left you something you weren’t meant to ever find. More specifically, a cursed artifact buried deep in the yard.

Two homeowners had purchased their new house and were making plans to start a garden in the yard, which is when they found a weird container buried beneath the grass. After digging it out, and cleaning it off, the container which was roughly a foot tall was totally sealed and looked like it was something the Antique Roadshow might get a boner for.

Of course finding an object in your yard that looks like it could potentially be a fucking bomb couldn’t be creepy enough in this story. The homeowners had the balls to actually open it on their own and that’s when they realized there was more at play here than just some time capsule.

They found an old photograph of two kids and an old piece of clothing that looked to be from the 1950’s. The container was also filled with some sludge which couldn’t have been from years of rain because the container was completely sealed.

Not knowing what it meant to find such weird artifacts, the homeowners thought maybe there’s a backstory to these objects. They then called up the woman they were renting the house from, who then told them that what they found wasn’t something they should keep on a shelf. The container and the pieces within it were meant to put a curse on the home. More specifically, witchcraft was at play here.

After hearing the description of what the couple had found, the landlady urged the couple to quickly burn the contents in order to relieve the curse. The landlady actually drove over to the house and poured holy water on the photograph and clothing found just to make sure. Holy shit, this makes us never want to dig a hole in a yard ever again. Not that we go around digging holes in yards.

Let it be known that this shit happened in Costa Rica, so maybe that’s just a common occurrence and people know how to deal with this type of thing on the regular. As far as finding weird containers filled with sludge and photographs, good to know to burn it immediately and ask questions later.


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