New Homeowners Want Answers After Finding This Creepy Room In The Attic

We do love it when homeowners, hikers and travelers come across something that belongs in the first five minutes of any X-Files episode and this story is no exception after you check out what these new homeowners found in their attic.

Nothing like moving into a house with that extra room you’ve been looking for. Having an attic to store all of your holiday decorations and general junk is a huge plus, until you notice the door at the other end of the attic.

Sure, finding a door in your attic could mean just a crawl space but this is no crawl space. And we’ve never seen an attic closet before, let alone one with what looks like a window with weird netting.  Pretty sure this is the type of door that would have a zombie chained up behind it.

Of course, much like any horror movie, when you find a random door in the attic of your new home, you HAVE to open it and unleash whatever evil lies beyond. Luckily, there were no demons, just another room. A really…weird room.

Maybe it was a play room of some kind? Doubtful, especially when you see how solitary it is, not to mention the weird prison cot bolted to the wall.

With these photos posted to the internet, one commentor noticed how the window looked like something you’d find in a confessional. This room is starting to have the makings of something Carrie’s mom might have used once or twice to keep her sinful daughter in line.

Here are some more inside shots of what now looks like some sort of damn prison cell.

So what the hell do you think this room was used for? A torture room or possibly a hardcore punishment room for a super religious family? The new owner of the house says that when you’re actually IN this room, no one can really hear you throughout the rest of the house. Which means the closest neighbor wouldn’t be able to hear anyone scream if they were locked away.

The homeowner did notice one creepy element to the room that says quite a bit about what it could’ve been used for: “There’s a sturdy eye-hook on the outside of the door. Someone could be locked in. No locks on the inside.”