Homeless Woman Builds A Home For Herself, Immediately Gets Fined for Building It

Everybody can agree that homelessness is a serious problem all around the world and we should do everything in our power to get people off the streets and a roof over their heads. A woman in Canada decided to get herself into a home by building one for herself but for some reason, the government is doing everything they can to stop her

Darlene Necan is building a home for herself but not if the Canadian government can help it. 

Darlene Necan of Northern Ontario has been issued a stop-work order on a small cabin she is trying to build for herself after being unable to secure a home in the Ojibways of Saugeen First Nation community. She got some help from some generous benefactors who were kind enough to donate building materials to the project. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Natural Resources decided that she’s violating the law by building a home on the property where she grew up. They slapped her with a breach of the Public Lands Act that carries a hefty series of fine if anyone catches her building on the property. 

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Look how much this little house is bothering everyone. Said no one.

Unfortunately, the Ministry could not explain why they decided to go after a homeless woman for building a home because they declined to offer any comment to the CBC. The only logical explanation we can think of is that the nation of Canada has some kind of homeless quota that they have to maintain and if Necan was no longer homeless, then Canada’s homeless resources would dip below that threshold.

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Building her own roof over her head.