“Home Alone” Fan Theories That Will Make You Rethink The Classic Film

Many popular films have left a slew of odd fan theories in their wake. Some are truly fascinating (google the words “Kubrick” and “moon landing”), but most are almost so crazy, the clues directed toward the theory can’t help but make you wonder if they’re actually true. And the Christmas classic Home Alone is no exception to some of the internet’s weirder fan theories.

Theory #1:

The little dude wasn’t left alone by accident – but that his dad intentionally left him there, perhaps in order to have him killed. In this telling, the ticket was thrown away on purpose.


Did Dad feel guilty when he found out Kevin wasn’t on the plane with them? Check out his reaction. He IS the asshole from Big afterall, folks.

dad 2

Theory #2:

Kevin is Jigsaw from the Saw films. That’s right, an even more gruesome theory, and perhaps the one that has gotten the most attention, states that cute little Kevin grows up to be the psychopath Jigsaw from the Saw franchise.  Let’s start with the physical resemblance – could he have grown up to look like him?


Little Kevin set traps to catch the burglars, as Jigsaw sets traps to lure and torture his prey. The creator of the theory told The Huffington Post “it just kind of clicked that these were the actions of a supremely disturbed child, and the parallels to the Saw series seemed obvious.” But still, to make writing an entire article about the story worthwhile, [he] felt he “needed to take it as seriously as one could possibly take a totally insane theory about two unrelated movies released, like, a decade-plus apart.”

Theory #3:

This one is a more fun theory, if only because it involves the comedic legend John Candy, which goes onto explain that Kevin’s mom sold her soul to the devil to get him back. That’s right, the kind polka band member who helps Kevin’s mom get back home came with a price. We’ll explain….

candy smile

She states aloud that she’ll get back home “If I have to sell my soul to the devil himself,” and then Candy appears, seeming to be at full attention upon her saying the word “devil.”

Adding one more tidbit to the theory is that Candy appeared as the devil in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, which like Home Alone, was written by John Hughes. Seems like a bit of a stretch, but if you study Hughes’ filmography he loves nothing more than to connect the characters, stories and even locations of his films from to the next.

candy devil

Theory #4:

Uncle Frank was the villain. Per its author Rob Fee: “Uncle Frank devised a plan to rob the McCallister’s home and have Kevin murdered…Frank hired Marv and Harry to rob the McCallister’s house! He made the call [when the family arrives in Paris] to let them know that they could rob the house. Of course he didn’t tell them about Kevin.”


“His plan was for them to stumble upon him and be forced to kill him to cover up their tracks. This way it wouldn’t cost him money to have him killed — it would seem as though it was their decision.”


Theory #5:

By far our favorite popular theory is that Elvis appears in the Home Alone world. No, not on stage or singing Blue Christmas but by just standing in the background but visibly in frame.

Could it really be him or just some dude who looks like him a tiny bit? Or could, for the first time ever, someone on the internet be mistaken about something?

Theory #6:

We’ll leave you the newest fan theory of them all – so new that we are literally creating it on the spot. Macaulay Culkin grew up to date Mila Kunis, who ended up marrying Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher dated Demi Moore, who was once married to Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis saw dead people and that little kid kind of looked like Macaulay, especially if you’re near sighted and all blonde kids look alike to you (in a non-racist way, of course.) So, Macaulay Culkin was the villain of the “Die Hard” movies. Duh. 


Okay, maybe this whole creating fan theories is tougher than we thought which actually makes the previous fan theories seem to actually be kind of logical. So now when you watch the classic with your family this season, remember much darker the movie really is!

Source: Mandatory, Google all of it,  Huffington Post