Pro Hoarder Mom Didn’t Realize Her Son’s Corpse Was In The Room For 20 Years

We’ve all known about Hoarders thanks to those damn reality shows on television, but this might be the first case of a hoarder being so hoardy that they didn’t realize there was a dead family member laying amongst the stacked garbage. This is what happened in Brooklyn when one hoarding elderly mother was questioned by police after a family member had discovered a body lying on the floor in one of the bedrooms.

The worst part however is the body had apparently been laying there for 20 years.

Wolfensohn’s home in Brooklyn where the body was found.

The mother of the man they found dead was actually in the hospital when another family member made a visit to the home to pick up a few belongings to then bring to Wolfensohn, the owner of the house.

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Josette Buchman, the sister-in-law of Wolfensohn (what a name, right?) found the body, which has yet to be officially identified even though everyone is pretty sure it’s Wolfensohn’s son Louis whom no one has seen for 20 years. Apparently Wolfensohn’s brother and sister-in-law weren’t that close anyway so they weren’t the last bit concerned when they hadn’t heard from Wolfensohn’s side of the family for years. Now we know it’s because he had been laying dead in Wolfensohn’s home with skeletal body still wearing clothes.

The police said that it was like a scene from Alfred Hitchock’s Psycho, only this time the son’s corpse was found instead of the mother’s. They said the house looked like a garbage truck had dumped trash all over the place which possibly covered up the smell of a decomposing corpse for years. Not that Wolfensohn had many visitors anyway.

When the police questioned the mother of the corpse, she spoke about him as if he had just moved out. Obviously she might not be right in the head and thought this to be true when her son was no longer coming around. Or do you think she knew his corpse was in there, not willing to throw it out? Spooky.

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