You’ll Vomit At How Much Someone Paid For This Weird Hitler Statue

Have you ever had one of those discussions where someone asks you what you would do with a million dollars? Did a strange Hitler statue depicting him on his knees, looking like someone kicked him in the nuts ever come to mind as a possible purchase? No? Weird, because someone just bought this Hitler statue for a disgusting amount of money from auction house Christie’s.

Meet the new lawn gnome.

How much exactly did someone pay for this thing? Over $17 million dollars! $17.2 to be exact.

Listen, we love fine art as much as the next asshole but if you’ve got $17.2 million to spend on a statue, you MIGHT have more money than you could possibly ever need. Then again, who the hell are we to tell a fan of Hitler how to spend their money. How dare us!

Regardless, the sale for artist Maurizio Cattelan who created the piece was a record high the gallery confirmed. However when people show up to the statue’s owner’s house asking about the piece, the owner will have to tell guests the piece is titled “Him”. That’s right, just “Him.” Say what you want about spending that much money on a statue, for $17.2 million dollars, the artist should’ve put a little bit more meat on that title. Call it “Hitler trying out his new knee pads” or “Dorf AS Hitler…in case you remember Dorf”.

Long story short, it’ll be hilarious if the statue’s owner has kids and they just get peanut butter all over this thing.