A Hit Man Has Been Indicted For Killing The Wrong Person

If you’re a hit man, you sure as hell better have your lists of target in order. If not, then you’ll probably end up like Chad South, who was recently was arrested along with his conspiring buddies for killing the wrong man. Actually, he should be arrested for just killing a man in general. Murder is murder, right?
The murder happened nine years ago and we are just now getting to it because, you know, it’s the legal system. According to authorities, South broke into a house in Ohio and killed 31-year-old Daniel Ott with a shotgun. Apparently, Ott was unwilling to testify against the operator of a stolen car operation and South was hired by Floridian Joseph Rosebrook to carry out the hit – but unfortunately, authorities say that he had shot the wrong Daniel Ott. Oopsie!

Wrong Ott or not, someone was murdered and this Rosebrook and his team were responsible. South, along with Joseph Rosebrook and other conspirator Carl Rosebrook from Ohio were arrested on charges of conspiracy and aggravated murder.

This all just sounds like a failed SNL sketch. Congratulations to all of them for being the worst conspirators team of all time.