Hit & Run Driver Says Victim Was Too Scary to Help

Imagine being dealt this craptatsic hand – you’re a 17 year old kid, big fan of cycling and you just got a new bike.  You’re out enjoiying it when out of nowhere some ass hat in a car turns off a side street right into you.  You go sprawling into the road, your face bouncing a few times off the pavement and blood running freely from your wounds as you look up and see the driver and the passenger of the car looking down at you.  Then the passenger tells you they’re late to get the kids to school and your face is so bloody it’d scare the kids, so they can’t help.  Driver and passenger get back in their car and drive away, leaving you to bleed on your destroyed bike in the road. This is what happened to Taron Stead.

Stead remained on the side of the road until he was discovered by staff from a nearby university who called for help.  Once new broke, a local shop also offered to replace the bike which he’d just purchased with money from his internship.

Since the person left the scene and Stead wasn’t in much of a position to note their plate numbers, the hit and run driver is still out there somewhere.  Police are hoping that, since it was rush hour, someone else who witnessed it will come forward with some details and maybe supermom can get what’s coming to her for leaving a kid to bleed out by the side of the road so that her own precious bundles of joy wouldn’t have to endure being upset by how their mom nearly killed a guy.

This may sound completely outrageous but don’t forget, there’s a proud tradition these days of hit and run drivers being completely insane at the scene of accidents.  Not so long ago in New jersey a man, on foot, was hit outside of his own house and the driver backed up, moved forward, and backed up again to try to get the poor guy dislodged from the grill.  Then, after a “look what you did to my car!” she drove off.  Can you even imagine the balls it takes to run someone over and then give them crap for what their body did to your car? 

In Tucson, a 92 year old lady who didn’t even have a license anymore was arrested and charged after a hit and run where she’d hit a pedestrian.  Her excuse later?  She was suffering wicked diarrhea and couldn’t spare the time.  So she went to a nearby grocery store, used the restroom, bought some dinner rolls, and then she said she returned to the scene of the rime but by then everyone had left.  So she went home. 

If not for a witness who had copied the 92 year old’s plate numbers, she might not have been caught.  A judge sentenced her to 18 months probation and hopefully recommended she take Immodium before leaving the house from now on.