Would You Ride On A Hipster Private Luxury City Bus That Has A Juice Bar?

For today in douchebagery we go to San Francisco. That is where a startup company called Leap Transit aimed to take advantage of the young, hip technology industry commuters of that city. People who work at places like Google are not going to want to ride the bus with the common riffraff and deserve to have transit experience that will allow them to immerse themselves in a world of beard trimmings and Kambucha juice cleanses.

Sadly, this is a staged photo.

Leap transit launched this past March with a fleet of luxury busses that featured more the ambiance of a Star Bucks than a smelly city bus. For $6 a ride, savvy bus riders could use an app to pay for their fair, order coffee, snacks, and fresh juices all while connecting to Wi-Fi whilst sitting in comfy leather chairs. You can almost hear the soft gentle music, and smell the spice pumpkin latte farts.

And while you might be frightened that this bus would be a dystopian vision of hell, more akin to that truck from Mad Max stuffed with hipsters shoving their noses in their iPhones, ironically the busses were pretty peaceful. That’s because nobody was on them. Whoops!

For those of you Schadenfreude you will be happy to know that Leap Transit is now filing for bankruptcy. Apparently the good working people of San Francisco didn’t want to drop that kind of cash on getting back and forth from their job. They will stick to scalding hot fast food coffee in a Styrofoam cup and a homeless guy pissing on their shoes on the public bus.

In its first year of launch the bus company only made $13,567. That was probably mostly from the coconut water and whole fruit energy bars they sold. They are now hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, forcing them to go bankrupt. The best part of all of this is that they are auctioning off some of the busses, the starting bid is actually $5!  Maybe for that price they will throw in an ice brewed coffee enema.

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Source: Business Insider