High Speed Train Surfing Is A Thing Now

Every generation did something dumb when they were kids. For our generation, it was huffing the nitrous oxide out of whipped cream cans. Today, the new dumb trend is train surfing

On the one hand, it’s dangerous. On the other, it’s cutting down on carbon emissions. 

Apparently, Australia’s young ones are hopping on the backs and roofs of trains and hanging on for dear life to prove how daring and invincible they are to their dumb little buddies. The most daring act occurred when a 17-year-old hitched a ride on the back of a train that crossed the Sydney Harbor Bridge. He not only got a friend to shoot video of it from another train but he also wore a head-mounted camera so he could show the world his stunt and provide some much needed evidence to the police once they arrest him. Watch the footage here:

[[contentId: 2783992| | size: 75]]

The scary part is that this isn’t a new trend. Australia has long had a problem with teenagers climbing on to trains and hitching a ride and authorities are worried that this new trend could lead to some unnecessary fatalities on the nation’s railways. The only good thing that can come out of this is another one of those hilarious PSA movies that will make “Reefer Madness” look like “Citizen Kane.”