High Schooler Returns To Football After Leg Amputation

I once slightly sprained my ankle and had to stop playing baseball for a few days. I didn’t even think about being wuss until I heard about 16-year-old Koni Dole. This guy makes me seem like the biggest wuss of all.

Last October, the then 15-year-old football player suffered a compound fracture in his lower right leg during the last game of the season. He underwent surgery and was suppose to be fine, but he developed compartment syndrome. Pressure had built up to such a level that the muscle and tissue in his leg weren’t receiving oxygen.

Five surgeries couldn’t save his leg and it had to be amputated.

After the town raised $50,000 to help pay for his leg prothesis that wasn’t covered by health insurance, he went back to work, determined to get on the football field to play with his brother who would be a freshman the next season. It usually takes eight weeks to begin learning to walk again. It took Dole three.

Photo by Paul Ruther

10 months later, Dole is back on the field running defenders over, scoring touchdowns. We salute this kid for never giving up and letting excuses get in the way of his dream. Also, I’m sure you’ll join me in saluting him for making us all realize how big of wusses we are about our sprains or bruises or hangnails (hangnails are the worst).

– Mark (follow on Twitter)