High School Teacher-Turned-Congressman Trolls Republicans

Earnest-Pettie by Earnest-Pettie on Jul. 11, 2013

Mark Takano may have left the classroom, but he did not leave his red pen there. Today he used that pen to own his Republican counterparts in Congress.

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Where you stand on immigration reform almost doesn't matter. If you've spent any amount of time on the Internet, especially on Break.com, you've probably engaged in at least a small amount of trolling. You hate effective trolls; yet, you appreciate the art of the troll. Representative Mark Takano did a bit of trolling today when he took a draft letter being composed by Republican Representative Bill Cassidy to be sent to John Boehner, the current Speaker Of The House, and had a little bit of fun with it. Takano, who was a teacher before he became a congressman, took out his red pen and graded the draft letter, suggesting that Cassidy come by his office for additional help. Brilliant!

Whether you're for immigration reform or against it, you've got to give Takano a slow clap for his work here. His dedication to the joke was worthy of some of the greatest internet pranksters, and his attention to his adversaries' details ranks up there with the best trolls. Hopefully, this doesn't degenerate into yet another flame war, which is pretty much what all of politics has become. You've had your lulz, Representative Takano; it's time to get back down to business and work with the guys you just pwned to help solve our nation's problems.

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We should continue to take from people that have paid into the system and give it to people that came illegally. It doesn't matter that the standard of living is lowered because after all there is a finite amount of resources to go around. The ones that come here and get jobs they are qualified for (picking fruit, landscaping etc.) then have their children burden the schools that are already over-crowded,  then SURPRISE SURPRISE THEIR KIDS COMPETE WITH OURS FOR "REAL JOBS" CAREERS ETC. and we all know there are jobs everywhere to everyone, so the SURPLUS OF WORKERS LOWERS WAGES, so it's not just the low paying "hard jobs nobody wants to do" that are effected (before illegals were around to do the job I guess nobody did them, no teenagers mowing lawns etc) not to mention the higher cost of health care due to illegals not paying their medical bills, they don't have insurance after all. I has tboned by an illegal alien that took off rather than see if I was ok, he would of as soon had me die rather than get deported, of course he had no insurance, so uninsured motorist coverage had to be used, so my insurance went up. I DON'T BLAME THEM FOR COMING HERE, DON'T GET ME WRONG. I just don't like the BS from both sides, just tell it like it is, there are here and will keep coming till border security is as secure as Disneyworld so we might as well do something about it, the best thing to do about the people here isn't toss them back over the border, because until the border is secured they will be right back. First thing is secure the border (Canadians aren't sneaking in by the millions because they haven't borked their country) then if you give the people here amnesty it needs to be with conditions like they must have health insurance and they don't get government assistance like social security etc. if they want government assistance they can go back to wherever they came from and get it. Anyone that thinks that is too harsh is insane, they have way more here than they did back where they were, opportunity, indoor plumbing etc. if they are just handed everything a citizen is entitled to when they earned citizenship it will be a slap in the face to the millions that believe in doing things the right way. Again don't cry racist, after all I won't care because I have freedom of speech and the freedom to not care what you think.

Valeasaz User

He's attacking a DRAFT of a letter that HAS NOT BEEN SENT YET???? This does not make him cool, it makes him a huge douchebag. Of course it's not perfect.......... it's a DRAFT. Being a former teacher, he should know that it's lacking in taste and manners to criticize someone's work before they've had a chance to finalize it and present it properly. What a jerk. 

eldystar User

take the 11 million illgals and their children and parents and uncles and aunts and deport them pretty simple.

willije User

trolling? Didn't see it. However, lots of liberal crap is present.

BiggBB User

The force is strong with this one ;-)

whitedevil2 User

all of the previous comments on here make me really really sad

Carlos-Morales-705 User

funny how we don't get to actually read the "trolling"...guess we just gotta trust Ernest's opinion as to who got pwnd...

Lugino-Crivelli-491 User

@eldystar Yeah so you can do all the jobs they do and be under paid for it, get your lazy ass from the couch and get to work that's why you're fat and old jajaja

ispewmalarkey User

@Carlos-Morales-705 Ctrl + to enlarge web page. Hit multiple times to go bigger. Ctrl - to reduce....OR ctrl center mouse wheel "scroll". 1 click per 25% enlargement. 

If you really want to see something cool, hit Alt and f4 at the same time.

Carlos-Morales-705 User

Had to HDMI laptop to flat screen. From there, read only half of first page, from which I garner this response: More arrogant lefty "academic" grandstanding. Pathetic really, as any college educated person will easily see through the weak red pen attempts to discredit Representative Cassidy.

BTW- thanks for your vitriol "scoutamn3", as it showed nothing more than your low brow, low functioning, mental deficiency; a plague on our society I can't wait to see cut out like a cancer :)


@Lugino-Crivelli-491 @eldystar Why is he a racist? He is only stating the plain and simple fact that people should EARN their way into this country like all the other immigrants  preceding them.. 

The workers you refer to are unskilled.. Much like the Union workers in this country... Where their only skill is to sit on their fat a$$e$ and watch everyone else work.. I say, deport them AND the Unions...

What the hell in that guys statement made him racist anyways?? Other than the fact that you are an illegal alien? I called INS on you BTW ... Enjoy! :P