High School Teacher-Turned-Congressman Trolls Republicans

Mark Takano may have left the classroom, but he did not leave his red pen there. Today he used that pen to own his Republican counterparts in Congress.

See the full-size image here

Where you stand on immigration reform almost doesn’t matter. If you’ve spent any amount of time on the Internet, especially on Break.com, you’ve probably engaged in at least a small amount of trolling. You hate effective trolls; yet, you appreciate the art of the troll. Representative Mark Takano did a bit of trolling today when he took a draft letter being composed by Republican Representative Bill Cassidy to be sent to John Boehner, the current Speaker Of The House, and had a little bit of fun with it. Takano, who was a teacher before he became a congressman, took out his red pen and graded the draft letter, suggesting that Cassidy come by his office for additional help. Brilliant!

Whether you’re for immigration reform or against it, you’ve got to give Takano a slow clap for his work here. His dedication to the joke was worthy of some of the greatest internet pranksters, and his attention to his adversaries’ details ranks up there with the best trolls. Hopefully, this doesn’t degenerate into yet another flame war, which is pretty much what all of politics has become. You’ve had your lulz, Representative Takano; it’s time to get back down to business and work with the guys you just pwned to help solve our nation’s problems.

-Earnest (follow me on Twitter @earnestp)