High School Students Celebrate Graduation By Getting Lap Dances From Stripper

A German high school graduation party quickly went from boring to legendary when a female guest speaker who teachers thought would give an address on equal rights began performing a strip show instead. Amazingly, the teachers did nothing to stop it.

In the video below of the party in Munich, the woman – a 33-year-old known as Jarly – can be seen removing her bra in front of a student who had been invited to sit on stage. She then hops onto his lap and pushes her breasts into his face.

Jarly then wraps herself in a blue cloth and gives it to the student to hold while she removes her underwear, leaving her completely naked. 

Sources claim that Jarly had arrived to the party wearing business attire and that teachers thought she was there to give a speech. The students, who appear to be cheering Jarly on throughout her performance, seemed to know exactly what was going on.

The teachers were surprised to see Jarly begin to strip, but they allowed the show to continue because there technically were not any minors in the room.