High School Girl Gets Senior Photo Taken At Taco Bell

For today in interesting portrait decisions we go to St. Louis, where 17-year-old Brittany Creech decided to run for the border in her senior high school year book photo. Like many high school kids looking for a late night snack, Creech was a fan of Taco Bell and recently made a Tweet joking that she should get her yearbook photo taken there. Well the more she thought about it the LOL turned into reality. Creech hired a photographer and had a complete photoshoot at her local T-bell  before I assume tearing into some sweet beef Chalupas.

Apparently everyone had a good laugh at the photoshoot which was wafting with the smell of fresh Gorditas. She says;

“People find it funny that I wasn’t joking about it,” Creech said. “The employees thought it was great. They were laughing and they were like, ‘Are you serious?'”

I just hope this isn’t the same Taco Bell we heard about last week that got busted for harboring a meth lab. (Note: it is not. Yay!) Brittany says that now when she goes to Taco Bell people want to have their picture taken with her.

The only thing that would make this better is if she somehow incorporated lasers.

The senior year book photo is something that at the time seems really important. However in retrospect the only time you, your friends and family look at that photo again is if you become famous and you go on a late night talk show and they want to embarrass you with your outdated haircut and/or glasses. –OR if you murder a bunch of people and your yearbook photo is the only photo the local news can find to display next to the horrified news anchor discussing your crimes.

Well it seems Brittany found a way to circumvent those two scenarios by making her senior photo stand out. Either that or yearbook photos are now being sponsored by advertisers… which come to think of it would be a great way for kids headed to college to pay off some of those student loans.

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Source: HuffPo