Would You Put High Heels On Your Baby? This Company Thinks You Should

For generations, certain people have complained that kids grow up too fast. What’s the right age to get your ears pierced? What’s the right age to get a cell phone? Until now though, there’s not been much debate as to when a kid should get high heels until they were basically at least out of diapers, as they didn’t make them for babies.

baby 1

Guess what? They do now. A new company called Pee Wee Pumps (not to be confused with Pee Wee Herman Pumps, because that’s just wrong on multiple levels) now offers flexible and soft high heel shoes for babies, with collapsible heels.


As “Sex in the City” taught many of us years ago, it’s damn hard to walk in high heels but apparently it’s an obligatory way to spend vast amounts of money. So, should babies learn that lesson even before they know that pooping in diapers isn’t going to last?


Yep, babies don’t walk. That’s a key part of why this is possibly the silliest fashion story you’ll hear about today, unless Kim Kardashian unveils her long awaited butt-shaped diaphragms monogrammed with her face.


baby 2

Others though say parents can and should have the freedom to dress their kids up anyway they so wish, and while this is a good idea in theory, ummm, well- have you heard of Honey Boo Boo? JonBenet Ramsey? And what exactly is the line between playing dress-up and sending out weird messages?


Look, lots of parents are stupid parents which makes sense as lots of people are stupid people. But if they really want to put their kids in what are basically toy shoes, it’s still better than putting them into clothing more appropriate for a Victoria’s Secret for Kids catalog.


Besides, what’s the over/under on when Kim and Kanye’s baby does its first lingerie shoot anyway?


Source: Mirror 

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