8 Adrenaline Fueled Heroic Feats


The human body can sometimes do incredible or even seemingly superhuman feats if under extreme duress (and no, binge watching two full seasons of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” in order to impress a potential girlfriend doesn’t count.). Here are several instances where people did the incredible when pushed to their limits.

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In early January 2016, a teenage girl rescued her father from a burning pickup truck.

In most such cases, there truly is no time to think but only to act. This cool clip shows a teenager trapped in a rip current and the dramatic rescue that ensued.

A deputy fire chief in Illinois responded to an emergency call where a driver was trapped against a guard rail. The responder was able to literally pull the door off the car to rescue the driver inside.

This amazing footage shows another man lifting a helicopter off of a friend to save his life.

A young mother heard a child screaming outside her house, and found that a child had been hit by a car and was trapped underneath. With a couple of friends, they were able to pick up the car and rescue the child.

A touching Good Samaritan scene is shown below, as a motorist who drove off a bridge is dramatically rescued.

When ice broke in a pond, these amazing individuals stood tall and saved lives.

A parachute that doesn’t open is about as scary a scenario as one could imagine. Luckily, this mid-air rescue demonstrated just how far people can go to save a life.

The cause of these amazing feats of strength is a huge release of adrenaline, which is sometimes known as the “fight or flight” hormone. Whether it’s that or a combination of other factors that we might not fully understand, there’s little doubt that stories like these are true tales of heroism.