Here Are The New Feature Films Available On Break September 1st!

Good news everyone! We have a bunch of awesome new films coming to Break Movies today! If you are a fan of free, fun films, than this is the place for you. Side note if you don’t like movies, well then we have nothing to talk about really.  So check out some of the highlights of films below or CLICK HERE for a complete list of all the movie categories and films on Break you can watch for free!

The first viewer to watch all of them gets an awesome prize: the awesome self-satisfaction knowing that they completed an arbitrary goal. Good luck!

Top Gun

If you have never seen Tom Cruise in the film that made him famous, you need to watch Top Gun. Afterward you might want to become a fighter pilot, or at least play some oiled up beach volleyball.

Synopsis: A daring yet reckless pilot who shuns teamwork and the rules of engagement eventually learns the importance of cooperation and discipline.  Along the way he has a fiery affair, does some spectacular flying and causes the death of his best friend.

Pumping Iron

The future Governator of California compares working out to getting his rocks off. See how Arnold got his start on his quest to dominate the world in all he does.

Synopsis: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno face off in a no-holds-barred competition for the title of Mr. Olympia in this critically-acclaimed film that made Schwarzenegger a household name.

Sucker Punch

What is your favorite boxing movie? If you answered Rocky 4 you are correct. However we are always looking for boxing films to outdo that fight masterpiece of cinema. Could this be the one?

Synopsis: After a lost fight, a fighter wants back in the ring, seeking revenge on the fighter who knocked him out. When he comes toe to toe with him, he’ll make sure his fists do the talking.

Open Water 2: Adrift

If you have a fear of water, you should watch this film in a bathtub. I don’t know if that will cure your phobia, in fact it might make it worse.

Synopsis: A weekend cruise on a luxurious party yacht goes horribly wrong for a group of old high-school friends.

The Babysitter

This movie has been billed as a “Drive-in cult classic” and sounds like it has some good twists and turns. Mostly twists.

Synopsis: Candy Wilson is a young, seductive baby-sitter takes a job at the home of Assistant District Attorney George Maxwell. George is preparing to try a motorcycle gang for murder when he is seduced by teenage Candy. But Candy is working for the gang and she blackmails George by threatening to go public with their affair if he does not drop the case and pay her loads of money.

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