WTF Of The Day: Why Is Naked Helena Bonham Carter Having Sex With This Fish?

We know the lengths PETA will go to to simply make a point, but how about the Blue Marine Foundation? Apparently they have recently chosen Tim Burton’s ex-main squeeze Helena Bonham Carter to get down and dirty with a giant tuna to let people know of their oceanic concerns. Nothing says “Save Marine Life” quite like the missionary position, right folks?

Lovely. And now a post-coitus position.

Apparently Carter has said for the longest time that she has a phobia of fish, so this photo shoot helped her over come that fear. Unfortunatey, now fish have a fear of naked Helena Bonham Carter’s.

The foundation is made to protect endangered marine life around the world, but it’s hard to say if these images are actually helping the cause or making it more confusing. First of all, why naked? Second, why make it look like they’re having sex? And third, the fish is out of water…so it’s clearly dying…GIVE IT SOME WATER, YOU MANIACS!

So many thoughts are going through my head and saving tuna is not one of them unfortunately. But hey, you got my attention, so…good job?

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source: Daily Mail