Heidi Klum Gives You The Loveliest Sneak Peak At Her Sexy Halloween Costume

God bless Heidi Klum. Not only does she seem like she’s just a butt load of fun, but also enjoys showing off as much skin as those damn 20-year-olds on that damn Instagram. And unlike most people in their 40’s who would rather go to bed at 10PM on Halloween night, Klum is still a huge fan of the holiday and is getting her Halloween costume all prepped as we speak. Lucky for us, Klum is a real sweetheart and gave her fans a nice meaty tease of her costume.

I don’t think that many man-buns have ruined a photo more.

Sure, it’s mostly fake but when did guys start complaining about plastic boobs? Klum who stated that her costume this year is “every male’s fantasy” is keeping the actual costume title quiet, and that’s okay with us. Just as long as we can eventually look at the darn thing before we all pass out from a sugar overdose. It’s lookin’ good so far though!

So who do you think Heidi Klum is dressing up as? Dolly Parton? Marilyn Monroe? Buffalo Bill? I hope it’s just a combination of the three!