Heavy Metal Valentines To Rock You Through The Holiday!

An artist over at Molten Metal Merchandise has decided to stick metal up the ass of Valentine’s Day cards this year and unleash 9 designs featuring heavy metal veteran icons like Dio, Lemmy, Dee Snider and more. With these cards hopefully your valentine will want to rock and roll all night – if you know what I mean. For now you will have to check out the metal themed valentine’s here as prints have already sold out.

1. Select Which Of These  9 Heavy Metal Masters Knows The Way To Your Lover’s Heart

2. King Diamond Knows How To Have Sleepless Nights

3.  Dio Has Rocked For A Long, Long Time

4. If You Are Nice Lemmy Will Give You His Ace Of Spades

Valentine’s Day Music!

5. Or Buy All 9, Hand Included; Metal!

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Source: Molten Heavy Metal Merch