Kindergarten Teacher Sentenced For Sex With At LEAST Six Students Plus Gangbang

No, the students aren’t in kindergarten – the world is a dark and shitty place, but we’re not THAT bad today.

38-year-old former kindergarten teacher and mother-of-two, Heather Lee Robertson, was sentenced to 10 years in a state prison after accepting a plea deal this past Thursday.

According to a press release from the Angelina County District Attorney’s Office, Robertson had sex with at least six students –


You read that correctly – six students. This woman…

…whose eyebrows are in an ever-constant battle to flee to the top of her head, managed to have sex with six high school students between November 2016 and February 2017. That’s an average rate of 1.5 students a month, which is still less than the number of kids yo momma bangs in a week.

The investigation into Robertson began on April 20th when police received a tip about an alleged relationship with multiple students. One student divulged to detectives that he had originally started communicating with her via Snapchat, eventually leading to Robertson inviting him over “sometime after spring break” for oral sex. The student then asked if he could bring a friend (only a high school student would think to enact the buddy system when a blowjob is involved), to which Robertson agreed.

When the two juveniles arrived at the woman’s apartment, they found her lying on the couch and smoking an e-Cigarette.

After a few minutes of conversation, Robertson invited her underage guests into the bedroom, where she proceeded to strip naked before having a threesome with the high schoolers, according to the arrest document. (via)


Upon being confronted by investigators Robertson quickly confessed, but tried to explain her behavior by stating that she had recently became a “heavy drinker” and would sometimes forget who or what she fucked and when she fucked it. This would be a problem for most women, however Robertson also admitted that she never forced the teens to wear condoms because she’s no longer able to get pregnant.

Robertson would have faced up to 240 years in prison if she were convicted of all 21 of her charges, including sexual assault of a child and having an improper relationship with a student. As part of her plea deal she is required to cease her teaching certification as well as remain on the sex offender registry for the rest of her life.