HBO NOW Launched Allowing Fans To Stream HBO Just Like Netflix Instant

Netflix Instant just got some competition. HBO has finally caught on that not everyone wants to pay for their additional cable services, nor do we want to sit through HBO Go’s often annoying streaming quality. Today, HBO has launched HBO NOW for anyone with IOS or APPLE TV to stream HBO, much like Netflix Instant. Holy mother, today is a good day.

via Verge

The setup is fairly simple, with six different categories: Watchlist, Series, Movies, More, Search, and Settings. And if you’re a Netflix Instant user already, the navigation on HBO Now is even better since it’s practically the same as Netflix Instant. The best part is the fact that you can get a free 1 month trial just to test it out.

The biggest concern however is how much will it cost a month. Considering how much you pay for HBO already (and even considering those like myself that use someone else’s password to only see a movie or show freeze up every three minutes minutes), the price isn’t too bad at a mere $14.99 a month. That’s pretty cheap considering your other options.

Of course it’s not my job to convince you to get HBO Now, but personally, I don’t have cable and pretty much live off Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus so adding HBO Now to my bill still keeps it under what it would cost to get cable (half of which is already online for free or Hulu Plus streaming) in the first place.

I’m in.

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source: Verge