Hayden Panettiere: The Nashville Star Bares It All

hayden panettiere in bikini

If you like your women short, feisty, talented and with difficult to spell last names, Hayden Panettiere may well be your dream girl. She’s beaten the odds, as unlike most child stars, she’s grown up to have both professional and by all accounts personal success.

hayden panettiere in dress

Those who want to be heroes of nudity, at least in the Hayden world, have to do some thorough searching to see Ms. Panettiere’s lovely little body with as little clothing standing in the way as is possible. It’s a mission we here proudly undertake for you, dear reader, and the results are quite interesting.To that end, we may wonder:


Much like the characters of the now defunct but once wildly popular NBC series “Heroes,” having super powers can be both a good and a bad thing. It would be good in that you could help save the world. It could be bad if you think that “bad” means that even with your super powers there aren’t too many glimpses of her heroic skin on display for internet fans.

The closest she has done to a nude scene in a film was in 2009’s “I Love You Beth Cooper.” The brief shower scene where she flashes a lucky thespian is more of a tease than a serious reveal, but it does leave quite an impression.



In 2006’s “The Architect,” she also does a teensy weensy tease with an inch or two of flesh as she adjusts her top, but it’s really just a hint of the magic that lies beneath. That said, a Hayden tease is a fine thing for her dedicated fans.




There have been many fake photos that have circulated, but none have them have been verified as real or seem to be real. There is however one photo that might possibly be legitimate. It is supposed to be an outtake from a coffee table book called “Room 23” by Diana Jenkins and Deborah Anderson.

hayden manettiere seductive

Whether it is actually her butt on shadowy display is uncertain, but these two photos of Hayden that are used in the book are not too shabby.

hayden panettiere legs up


In 2012, Hayden was kind enough to pose for a gorgeous spread in Esquire Magazine. While there are no nude pics, this bikini spread offers some revealing pics of the playful starlet.

hayden panettiere in green bikini

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hayden panettiere plays with hair

Ms. Panettiere has been in the public eye since a young age, so her turning 18 and being officially “legal” was celebrated in many quarters.

Once she hit that magical age, those who actually got to see her naked could do so legally. It’s a relatively small list, at least for those who got to be naked with her face to face, but it might start with her own-time “Heroes” co-star Milo Ventimiglia. They dated from 2007-2009, but there would be no heroic ending for this couple.


Hayden is currently engaged to Wladimir Klitschko, the Ukranian heavyweight boxer who has held world championship belts from the IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO. They met in 2009, began dating in 2010, and split up in 2011. For about a year, Hayden dated former New York Jet Scotty McKnight, but true love came back as she soon reunited with Klitschko by early 2013. In October 2013, the two became officially engaged.


When the 5’1” Hayden was asked about her sex life with the 6’6” Klitschko on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” she said as reported in The New York Daily News “He is quite a bit bigger than me,” the 5’1″ actress said of her 6’6″ beau.

“I get the prudest people coming up to me and they’re like, ‘Does it work?” Yeah, it works. We find a way,” she said.

DeGeneres couldn’t believe fans would dare to ask Panettiere such a personal question, saying, “I know what you’re talking about, but I’m in shock!”

“Where there is a will, there is a way!” Panettiere quipped about her bedroom antics with 35-year-old Klitschko, whom she began dating in early 2010.

“[The people who ask me how I have sex with my boyfriend] are very conservative people most of the time,” she added. “They just have to know. Like, ‘I have to know, I just have to ask you this question. I’m really sorry but …’ “

If indeed they do get married, its possible that she will have a major political figure in her family. Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir’s older brother and also a boxing champion, has become deeply involved with the radical changes in Ukraine recently. He is the leader of the Ukranian Democratic Alliance for Reform and considered a viable candidate to some day lead his country.

Hayden has even gotten involved in the Ukranian protests, joining her beau in Kiev in support of his country, as per the New York Daily News.


Though she hasn’t publicly discussed whether or not she has had a boob job, it does seem quite likely. She’s a rather small person, and pictures of her from a few years back show a pretty small set of boobs.

Compare her body on the left to the more buxom photo on the right:

hayden panettiere plastic surgery

That’s a rather heroic growth spurt. No way to know for sure, but speculating is what the internet is all about.

Ms. Panettiere has though most definitely changed at least one part of her body, adding a tattoo along her back. The tattoo was meant to say “Living Without Regrets” in Italian.

hayden panetttiere in a bikini

However, in a cosmic joke too silly to make up, she actually regretted getting the tattoo as it was misspelled. As this picture attests, she began the process of getting it removed.

hayden at the beach in a bikini


Only her shower or boyfriends will truly know, but she definitely can sing. On ABC’s music-themed “Nashville,” she plays the troubled Juliet Barnes, who is always scheming but compensates by having real talent. Which means she can sing and she’s dang cute.