Harvard Marching Band Spells Penis: The World Giggles


The beloved American institution of the spelling bee has risen to new heights over the past several years, with national championships actually appearing on television. This might mean that we as a nation are getting smarter, or perhaps we just like watching young nerds sweating on tv. Either way, it’s likely that most students who are part of Harvard’s Marching Band are pretty good spellers. So, when they seemed to have spelled out the word “penis” during a halftime show, we couldn’t help but wonder what they were thinking.

freddy penis gif

It was a game against the University of Pennsylvania, so some thought that perhaps they were trying to spell “Penn,” but as said above, we’re not going to buy the excuse that it was a typo. Could it be some big nerd spelling joke, especially in light of the fact that penis jokes are almost always funny?


We might never know exactly what happened, but it does bring to mind another recent possible penis appearing on field during a football game (and no, we’re not referring to Tom Brady.) When Kansas State’s marching band did a formation, the supposed intent was to show the Star Trek Enterprise attacking the other team’s mascot. However, it too looked like a big dick getting shoved into the mascot. Take a look at this Youtube video eloquently entitled “Kansas State Marching Band Eating a Dick??”

We have all heard of the recent rash of uprisings and political demonstrations at college campuses, and whatever one may feel about them, it can’t be argued that marching bands have been deprived of their rights to spell out various genitals and genital related words.  We do feel however that this phenomenon is becoming sexist, and in the name of fairness, it’s only right that words like “vagina”  should be utilized more often. Come on Yale, you can do it!