7 Times We’ve Seen Harrison Ford Pilot Stuff In His Movies

With today’s scary news regarding Harrison Ford’s plane crash (he’s okay!) on a golf course in Venice, California, it reminds us that the man is no stranger to piloting various forms of flight not only in real life, but in a ton of his movies. From space ships, to futuristic cop cars to plane ole’ airplanes. So let’s take a look back on the many times we’ve seen Harrison Ford fly things in and out of the galaxy on film.

7. Six Days, Seven Nights

Harrison Ford plays, you guessed it, a pilot in this 1998 comedy along with co-star Anne Heche who is a go-get’em reporter. The two end up in a plane crash and fall in love. Spoiler.

6. The Original Star Wars Trilogy

How could you forget Ford piloted one of the most iconic ships known to man–the millenium falcon! You didn’t forget? Well regardless, any chance we get to post a picture of Han Solo in an article, WE TAKE IT.

5. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

In the second installment of the Indiana Jones trilogy, Ford finds himself having to navigate an abandoned plane mid-air only to realize they’re going to have to jump before it crashes into a mountain. And it does. It totally crashes into a mountain, but the drop between the three characters including Short Round is pretty amazing.

4. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones once again finds himself having to navigate a Nazi aircraft while fighting other Nazi pilots mid-air in the third installment of the Jones trilogy along with his pops played by Sean Connery. In one of the funnier scenes of the movies, Jones Sr. accidentally shoots their plane’s tail blaming the damage on the Nazi’s, leading the two to crash land.

3. Air Force One

Of course Ford is most known for saying the line “Get off m plane,” but its his piloting skills that end up really saving the day in 1997’s Air Force One along with William H. Macy.

2. Blade Runner

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It’s tough to be a cop in 2019 while trying to track down replicants. Add the fact that you have to pilot your futuristic cop car above the city where there’s no lane markers, it can make things extra tough.

1. The Expendables 3

I didn’t see this movie, but it looks like he flew stuff in it. Nice.

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