Incredible Service Dog Does The Laundry For Ill Owner!

Your old roommate from college is going to be severely shamed when he sees just how well one “good girl” named Harlow picks up and does the laundry. That’s because Harlow is a highly trained service dog who can fetch the laundry for her ill owner.

While most parents struggle to get their children to help do their own laundry, this one-year-old golden retriever could get a job at the local Fluff ‘N Fold. However Harlow has a full time gig in the service of a woman in Tampa, Florida named Jaquie Blake who suffers from debilitating illnesses including epilepsy and narcolepsy. On Jaquie’s command Harlow is able to take laundry from the dryer and place it in the basket. Pretty awesome; and my dog won’t get off the couch.

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In addition to helping Jaquie do the laundry Harlow is trained to guide her, shop for food and is now training to alert her to epileptic episodes BEFORE they occur. Harlow’s helpful antics have already gotten him a following on Instagram with over 68,000 followers.

Of her best friend, Jaquie says, “They couldn’t care less about how they are, they want to make you happy, which is the best trait. And honestly, she loves to work. She can never get enough, she wants to learn more and do more.”

Service dogs like Harlow are truly amazing. My only question is, can we get one if we are not sick? What if we are just lazy and don’t want to do the laundry? There could be a whole market out there for service dogs for slobs.

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