The Truth Behind The Green Gummy Bear Will Shock You

Much like the recent realization that the popular children’s book series The Berenstein Bears is actually spelled BerenSTAIN Bears, it makes one wonder if there’s just a bug in the matrix or if we’re all just losing our f*cking minds. Well prepare to have your world rocked once more, only this time it’s regarding the savory candy Gummy Bears, especially the green one.

Haribo, one of the main manufacturers of the chewy candy has just revealed a pretty important fact about the green gummy bear’s flavor and it’s not one you would have ever guessed. No, it’s not lime. No, not apple. It’s strawberry. The green gummy bear’s flavor…is strawberry.

I suppose when you already have a rasberry flavor in your batch, you really can’t have another red option. But what about all of those apple and lime fans who thought they were eating just that all of these years?!

Welllll sh*t.

Frankly, I’m afraid to hear about the next thing we had been assuming was something totally different for our entire lives. My weak heart just can’t take it. But, then again maybe this is a great way to keep people on their toes, and show that not everything is black and white. Then again, we’ll probably later find out that black and white isn’t even really black and white. Crap, we’re screwed.