7 Cringeworthy Videos We Dare You To Watch

We’re no stranger to posting some insane videos for your viewing pleasure, and this week’s Movies on Break category brings us “Movies We Dare You To Watch”. To celebrate more free movies for you to enjoy on our site, let’s look at the 7 hardest to watch videos from deep within the Break vault. And yes, some of these will gross you out.

7. A guy popping this 20-year-old cyst.

I’m sure that was in some ways very satisfying.

6. Sucker punch leads to dead weight.

[[contentId: 2837910| | size: 100]]

A pat on the stomach should help this guy learn speech again, absolutely.

5. The most painful game show ever.

[[contentId: 2314417| | size: 100]]

Why? Whyyyy?!

4. This Biting Dare

[[contentId: 601574| | size: 100]]

Kids sure know how to have fun, don’t they?

3. Head banger bangs head hard on the floor.

[[contentId: 2361413| | size: 100]]

Thanks for stopping the awful cover to help her out, boys.

2. Why you shouldn’t wrestle an alligator.

[[contentId: 2358176| | size: 100]]

You’ve earned that one, sir.

1. Not so funny sports injuries.

[[contentId: 757260| | size: 100]]

Those athletes must have some good health insurance.

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