The Hannibal Buress Joke That Was Cut From Bieber’s Roast For Being Too Honest

Hannibal Buress is gaining momentum as a comedian. Not because he’s the funniest guy in the room, but because he might be the most brutally honest. Recently he received a lot of attention for being the first person in entertainment to speak out very much for the Bill Cosby rape allegations, saying that Cosby talks down to people, but at the same time is “a rapist”.

Well after the airing of the Justin Bieber Roast on Comedy Central, Buress’ set seemed like the usual type of ribbing given by the other comedians, but one joke in particular was a little too real for Comedy Central to allow on air. But hat didn’t stop Buress from sharing it with his Twitter followers all the same.

Sure, it’s not the worst comment in the world, but the fact that it’s pointing out almost the entire reason Bieber wanted to have a Roast in the first place sort of really puts the entire multi-million dollar show to a grinding hault. Of course Bieber hopes the Roast will make him more likeable by publicly taking a beating, but no one wants to actually say that out loud. Except Buress that is.

Needless to say, that wasn’t his only honest remark given to Bieber that night. Buress flat out tells him that his music is terrible and that he hates it. No real jokes, just letting the guy know.

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Chevy Chase made a good point about these Comedy Central Roasts and how they’ve evolved from the days of Dean Martin. Back then it’s your buddies and close friends teasing you. Now, the show gets together popular comedians, most of whom the actual Roastee has never even met before with the result being to just sit there and listen to a bunch of strangers make fun of your career and life without ever even knowing who you really are. And Buress couldn’t have made that point any clearer with his cut words that night. Most of these people don’t care, they’re just glad to be on television. But if you’re going to put anyone on television to make fun of Justin Bieber, Buress is the man for the job.

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source: BDCwire