Check Out Han Solo’s New Look In These Leaked Wardrobe Designs

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something new and interesting come from the Episode VII set. But yesterday, we got an official glimpse of Luke Skywalker’s beard, and today we have the leaked wardrobe designs of Han Solo’s new look: a long white *henley and black vest.

*I only know what a henley is because I worked at a JC Penney during college.

Although the second winter outfit looks pretty close to Solo’s style, the trench coat reminds me more of Ford’s other celebrated character Decker from Blade Runner.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a Decker-Solo combination in styles, but it’ll be hard to not want to see Solo in something closer to what we’ve seen in the previous films. Ah hell, what am I even saying! Han Solo is back! Put the guy in overalls if you want, I’m just happy this is even happening!

Sidenote: Where does that guy go shopping in outer space to find some snazzy duds? Fingers crossed there’s a fun mall montage in Episode VII!

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source: IndieRevolver