Leaked Image Reveals Han Solo Piloting The Millenium Falcon in ‘Force Awakens’

We’ll keep this brief because Disney probably has some sort of internet tracking device connected to internet pages with headlines that have anything close to the words “Leaked” and “The Force Awakens” in the same sentence. But yes, this is a rad leaked image from The Force Awakens showing the interior of the Millenium Falcon with the film’s main actors John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. But more importantly…HAN SOLO piloting the damn thing!

Posted by Making Star Wars and reported by International Business Times, the image isn’t just a fun scene with the three characters out for a joy ride to Space Burger King. Here’s a bit of a spoilery description compliments of MakingStarWars.net.

The heroes are said to be just entering a green planet, with Rey apparently getting emotional after seeing so much greenery. The home planet of Ridley’s character is a desert planet called Jakku. The green planet is supposedly the “most beautiful sight” that the character has ever seen and the report speculates that Han understands why she is so emotional because she may be his daughter.

Head to the source HERE if you want more information on the film’s characters and plot, especially anything regarding this image. They have a few more on the site, but this one is the juiciest.