The Hamdog: Cross Between Hamburger And Hotdog Is Everything!

A new food concoction has hit the Internet this week and it is my everything. “The Hamdog” is half cheeseburger, half hot dog and all awesome.  It consists of a hamburger cut in half, with each half spread out just enough to slide in a juicy hot dog right down the middle. It’s like a hamburger giving a hotdog a nice warm hug. Then to house this meat monstrosity, it comes with a specially formatted bun to fit the unique Hamdog shape. We have the technology.

This is probably the most American thing I have ever heard of. That is why it saddens me just a little bit to report that the inventor of this gorgeous, gastronomical achievement is not from ‘Merica. Mark Murray of Perth, Australia has been working on the Hamdog for the past twelve years. In that time he secured a patent from the US Patent Office for the Hamdog bun in 2009.  Here are the schematics on this hot new bread tech.


The iPhone 7 doesn’t even have a place to hold your hot dog and burger at the same time. It sure is an amazing time we live in. Murray previously appeared on Shark Tank where the judges were not completely sold on the Hamdog concept. They told him it would cost too much to secure the patent and produce. However now that he has locked down the legal side of things and introduced the Hamdog to the world, Murray says those Shark Tank judges can eat their words.

The Hamdog is currently being sold at special events and local markets around Australia for about $6.00. Murray is still working out the Hamdog technology, saying,

“At the moment there is a fair bit of labour involved in making the buns because they’re made by people, not machines. We’re still developing a way to semi automate production.””

He is currently taking on Hamdog franchisees and for $10,000 you can get in on this business from the ground level, selling your own Hamdogs and expanding the Hamdog empire. My only thing is that for years people have been making cheeseburger- hot dog combinations by shoving hot dogs on TOP of the burger like a bunch animals. Now, the Hamdog bun is here to civilize us and have our hot dogs and hamburgers live side by side in harmony.

Here is a burger I ate called “The Jaws” with hotdogs flying every which way. I could have used a Hamdog!

Are you excited for the Hamdog?

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