World’s Worst Thief Steals Ham, Leaves Trail of Fat Behind

They say crime doesn’t pay, and it never will if thieves like this are the standard we have to go by.  As a general rule, when you steal something, you should maybe not leave your ID at the scene, don’t tell people your name, avoid looking directly at the security cameras, and if you plan on stealing seven hams, don’t literally drag them home so that you leave a trackable trail of fat on the ground.

Like this, only greasier.

Domingo Infante came to work at his tapas bar in Spain only to find the door jimmied open.  His cash till was gone, the TV was gone and a load of cured meat hanging above the bar was gone.

Infante called police and while a locksmith was busy working on the door, his wife and mother-in-law noticed something strange.  Outside, on the street, a trail of fat blobs lead away from the building. They followed the fatty trail all the way around the block to a house on the street behind the bar, where they called police again. 

We never saw the guy, but we have suspicions

After securing a warrant, cops entered the building and found two hanging hams, the bar cash register and the TV.  There are still 5 legs of Iberico ham in the wind, but police took what they found at the scene as evidence.

Have you seen 5 of these? Perhaps with road rash?

Each leg is worth about $130 US, so it’s not a cheap loss when 7 go missing.  A suspect who lived at the residence was taken into custody and it’s believed the missing hams are with an accomplice.