7 Halloween Pranks That are Gruesome And Hilarious

There’s no denying that people love pranking each other. Heck, there’s even a day — April Fools day — specifically dedicated to it. But that’s no reason to discount the tricks and treats that occur during Halloween, either. With masked monsters, vicious looking villains, and a variety of other ghouls and goblins wandering the deepest corners on society’s darkest streets, there’s no reason to underestimate just how mischievous people can be on this holiday. Whether they involve psycho parents, bloodied bodies, or maniac magicians, there are plenty of Halloween pranks that scare the living the shit out of the people involved. 

With that said, here are seven Halloween pranks that were both gruesome and hilarious. 

Cops Investigate a Man Who Got Run Over By His Own Lawn Mower

run over by lawn mower prank

One man in Charleston, SC, decided to skip buying the normal Halloween decorations from the party store and planted a bloodied corpse underneath a lawnmower to resemble a freak accident. Not only did people passing by the property in their cars think the scene of the accident was real, they called the cops and reported it.

mad men lawnmower accident

Once cops arrived at the scene, they figured out through extensive investigating (you know, the only kind that donut-eating, badge-wearing people know how to conduct) that it was just a sick joke. Fortunately for them, they didn’t have to do any real police work in figuring our what happened. Otherwise, you know, they might have gotten so worn down from it that they wouldn’t have had the energy to protect kids on Halloween night. 

Father Pretends to Kill His Wife So That Kids Think Their Mother is Dead

So teenagers and young adults are usually the ones starting the trouble on Halloween, but one father decided to deny the laws of mischief and play his own prank. Instead of taking his two kids trick-or-treating, he decided to don a Michael Meyers mask (no, not Austin Powers) and appear to violently strangle his wife in front of them. 

Upon thinking that their mother just died in front of them, the kids, 6 and 8, escaped to a neighbor’s house to call the police before the parents were able to catch them and expose the joke. The cop who showed up on the scene said he was happy it was just a joke. “I feel sorry for the kids, but their parents are absolute morons.” Sadly enough, it wouldn’t be surprising is these children grew up to do more than just strangle someone as a prank. 

Teacher Bursts Through Classroom With a Chainsaw 

If there’s one prank on this list that wins the award for most idiotic, it’s this one. With a long list of school shootings in recent memory, you’d think that a teacher would know better. Well, think again. This Massachusetts high school teacher knocked on his classroom door, instructing one of his 15-year-old to answer it. Big mistake. 


[[contentId: 1919799| | size: 75]]


We imagine the reaction was something like this

Once the student answered the door, the teacher burst through it with a mask on and a wielding chainsaw in-hand. Apparently the teacher failed to realize how much of a sensitive topic the issue is among educators and students. The joke was on him, though, since a student who fell and fractured a knee decided to sue him for $100,000. That gives him 100,000 reasons not to pull the worst timed prank of all time ever again in his life. 

Man Forgets to Take Armed Robber Costume Off Before Getting Coffee

armed robber

Nothing beats a hot coffee after a long night of partying in your armed robber costume. That is, unless you forget to take it off before you enter the coffee shop to order your black cup of Joe with two creams and one sugar. No surprise here, as the coffee shop employee barricades herself inside and immediately called 911.

Instead of getting in his car and taking off, the man continued knocking on the coffee shop door until cops showed up fully armed and ready for a shootout. Fortunately for him, they didn’t proceed to shooting him first and asking questions later. Turns out the man was just drunk, forgot about his costume, and wanted a coffee to sober up. Luckily, the guy wasn’t driving his car, or else he would’ve waken up to more than just a Halloween hangover. This is a scene from a cartoon played out in real life, if there was a camera handy it could have produced some hilarious pictures.

Neighbors Call Cops After Noticing Bloodied Corpses In Driveway 

If you ask the people of Mustang, Oklahoma, they’ll likely tell you that Johnnie Mullins hasn’t been invited to any community barbecues, birthday parties, or New Years Eve celebrations since his stunt on Halloween. Instead of throwing up a couple of tombstones on the front lawn, he took it a step further and flooded his driveway with bodies

creepy holloween decorations

Oh, but let’s not forget a minor detail of the scene: the bodies were bloodied and staged to appear like a murder scene that had no reference to the horror of a holiday. Instead of buying into Mullins’ humor, neighbors quickly called the cops. In the meantime, Mullins added another body to the count, showcasing his true neighborly spirit. 

People Witness Man’s Head Fall Off

Practical jokes are one thing, but once you start incorporating magic into your act, things start to get creepy and borderline crazy. If you’re Rich Ferguson, though, you’re embracing that kind of commentary with open arms (or a fallen head). This magician and mentalist tested his head drop prank on unsuspected residents in California. 

Fortunately for everyone else in the world, one of them was recording the prank on his cell phone. Of course, the video went viral because of the many reactions — from laughter to fear — that the prank resulted in. Well, don’t just sit there, check out the video yourself and you be the judge of how real it looks. 

Joggers Get Chased by a Flying Grim Reaper

grim reaper drone

Tom Mabe, a 44-year-old prankster from Louisville, Ky., wanted to spook things up for Halloween, so he created a remote-controlled flying Grim Reaper. Instead of keeping his creation locked in the garage, he took it to the park and used it to horrify unsuspecting joggers. What started out as a relaxing job turned into a sprint for life. 

Mabe said that next Halloween, he’s planning to put a camera in the Grim Reaper so that he can capture video of the reactions, then compile them and publish them on Youtube. If you’re in the Louisville area, it’s probably best to avoid parks on Halloween, or else Tom will have you running for dear life while capturing every minute of it on tape.

What began as horrific pranks turned into honest jokes. OK, so perhaps pretending to strangle your wife in front of your kids isn’t as humorous as it sounds (frankly, it’s quite disturbing), but that doesn’t mean some of these Halloween pranks don’t masterfully define what it means to play a joke on the gullible. And that’s exactly why they made it onto this prestigious list of seven of the most gruesome and hilarious pranks ever. 

With that said, do you find any of these pranks funny? Have you pranked anyone on Halloween? What sorts of ideas do you have up your sleeve for next Halloween? 

Leave a comment below and share your spooky tale. 


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DJ Miller likes tricking more than treating. His parents and friends will attest to that.