One Of Katy Perry’s Shark Dancers Was On Tinder Using The Show As A Pickup Line

When you’re single and ready to mingle, we all have some sort of go-to thing to say that we know will peak the other person’s interest. Whether it’s name dropping or talking about the sports car you probably don’t really drive, you can’t fault a guy for using what he can. And if you’re lucky enough to be on stage with Katy Perry during the Super Bowl Half Time Show, well, you’d definitely mention that one too.

Apparently one of the Shark dancers is on Tinder and decided to bring out the big guns by mentioning that he’ll be performing at the Half Time Show with Perry in costume. Hey, can’t fault the guy for trying.

“I am the shark” is a line I might just use in every day life now. The more unfortunate part of his story is this seemingly nice guy now has a private Tinder text out in the open, so I’m using this piece to applaud the man for giving it his best shot. Have no shame in your game, sir!

No word if he was the dancer that messed up his moves during the show. And no word if his line eventually did score a date, but the text that was shared on Reddit’s AMA Request asking for the Shark to do a Q&A made the performer even more of a legend. Unfortunately, the Shark seems to be MIA at this time since he’s not responding to the girl he had texted. Of course he’s not. He’s the damn Super Bowl Shark! On to bigger game.

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source: Reddit