Anti-Social Justice Warrior Russian Girls Strip In Street To Find Husbands!

In America liberal college campuses indoctrinate students into a feminist agenda, teaching classes on women’s studies, where young minds are molded to think men are the enemy and must be tricked into becoming subservient to their female masters. They push things like women’s “empowerment.” However these agitators could learn what it means to really be empowered by some badass Russian babes.

Vladimir Putin’s strong Russian women know how to get the job of looking for a husband done without pussyfooting around the issue. No tricks! Just honesty. Motorists in the central Russian city of Kazan were treated to a show late one night this week as girls from a class on “teaching women how to find a husband” descended into the street in their bra and panties as part of the lesson plan.

Turns out Russian girls in your area really are looking for you.

These anti-social justice warriors are telling it like it is by simply going into the street, taking off their clothes and begging men for shopping money – and to find a new husband. They are foregoing the politically correct route of the long cat and mouse dating game, making a guy a subservient, emasculated husk of a MAN- and just asking for what they really want: cash.

The women were asking for 100 Russian Rubles (about $1.55!) “for clothing items” –which is smart since they were half naked. This was just part of the three day class which was aimed at teaching the girls “how to behave in order to get married.”  If this was just one day of the seminar, we can only fantasize about what was happening the other two.  A lesson on how to prepare a sandwich after sex? A lecture on keeping your opinions to yourself? Daily Reading: “Kitchens and other places you should be.” What would you teach them?

While many American millennial men are becoming pussy whipped, frightened little peons, slaves to the feminist powers that be, these Russian ladies have shown us how bold women could make American relationships great again too. American women should free themselves from the shackles of feminism, take charge and say what they really mean when they want a man.

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