Check Out Haley Joel Osment’s New Look As A Greasy Nazi For His Latest Role

The internet practically shattered today with images of Haley Joel Osment all grown up. We knew it would happen someday, but had no idea he would eventually play a greasy slicked back hair, mustached wearing Nazi.

Don’t worry though, the new look is for the film Yoga Hosers with such an interesting production behind it, it may be too good to be any good. More about that in a second.

After clicking on other sites, I was hoping for something more shocking than this picture of him with a beard surrounded by cats (and probably stoned out of his mind). I mean, just look at that. Him as a Nazi is a step up.

Despite the internet’s interest in Osment’s reemergence, the truth is we had actually seen Osment more recently than you remember. He was even in a viral video in June as one of the participants in a video where complete strangers slap each other for no reason that went viral. Trust me, you know the one.

But maybe it’s receiving so much attention because he’s actually performing in a film again after mainly doing Broadway work for the past few years. Regardless, the movie actually does seem pretty cool and more importantly (and interestingly) directed by Kevin Smith, co-starring Johnny Depp. Whaaaaat?

The story is about a group of 15-Year Old female yoga “enthusiasts” that team up with Johnny Depp’s character when an ancient evil threatens to rule the world. Sooooo, yeah.

Smith says that it’s an action film led mainly by females. Okay, I’m in. I think I’m in. Yeah, okay, I’m in.

Nevertheless, it’s cool to see Osment not crashing and burning after “peaking” at the age of 11 after receiving an Oscar Nomination for The Sixth Sense. It was all downhill after that movie with bombs like Pay It Forward and Secondhand Lions, but luckily he held it together unlike some people. And for that, we can be thankful.

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source: Daily Mail