Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens To Release Iggy Azalea Sex Tape

The hacker collective known as Anonymous has threated Iggy Azalea telling the singer that they will release images from a sex tape of her unless she apologizes to fellow musical artist Azealia Banks. They told her ominously “You have 48 hours.”

If they got married after all this Banks (on the right) could change her name to “Azealia Azalea.”

It all started when the two ladies got into a feud earlier this month over comments Banks made during a radio interview and on Twitter. Banks contends that the Australian Azealia has “appropriated” African American culture but doesn’t care about social issues in the community. You might recall Iggy Azalea as the rap artist who when you see her photo you say “Oh, that’s her?” And on December 3rd after the Eric Garner grand jury decision Banks put it a little more bluntly, asking why Azalea didn’t speak out on civil rights issues;

Azealia fired back at Banks, on Twitter saying in part;

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That’s where Anonymous comes in. Anonymous is sort of like Scott Bakula’s character in Quantum Leap; jumping into situations to right what they feel has gone horribly wrong. They are also currently claiming that they will post a hacked copy of The Interview for free  to download on Christmas Day as a way to get back at North Korea for the film’s canceled theatrical release.

This is getting stressful.

They jumped into this argument, getting Bank’s back and with one of their many accounts, @The nonMessage,(which has since been deactivated by Twitter) tweeting at Azalea;

“You are guilty of misappropriating black culture, insulting peaceful protesters, and making light of Eric Garner’s death. @IGGYAZALEA

“Now about that sex tape. We won’t release the actual video. We have values to

live by.”

“However, we will release various snapshots of her face to confirm. The idea is not about releasing nudes. This shows nothing.”

“We are not in the business of pleasing 13-year old boys and their fantasies.”

“All we simply ask for is an apology.”

Although a sex tape might be a little tame compated to her concerts.

A sex tape might be a chance for her to “tone it down.”

Who do you think is right here? And would you even want to see stills from a Iggy Azalea? Bonus booty:

Source: Complex

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