Gwar Stole Oderus Urungus’ Ashes and Won’t Give Them Back

Remember Gwar?  Once you see them they’re hard to forget and, even if you’re not huge fans of the music, you have to appreciate that they sure as hell know how to put on a show.  Would Taylor Swift ever put in the effort to slay a giant foam-rubber monster with a sword on stage with huge, prosthetic nuts hung between her knees and cannons showered her fans in blood?  Probably not for several albums yet.

Gwar was all about showmanship but, tragically, their lead singer died just over a year ago after overdosing on heroin.  The great Oderus Urungus, once known as Dave Brockie, had left the building.  However, his father has filed a lawsuit against the band and their record label in the wake of his son’s death alleging all manner of shady practices including stealing Brockie’s gold record and using his likeness to get money. Most egregious among the claims, however, is that the band stole Brockie’s remains.

The how and why the rest of the band may have the cremated remains of Oderus is still a mystery but according to his father they’re held up in the record label office behind lock and key.  He says he went to retrieve them once and was given a used baggie with a small portion of his remains inside.  The baggie had the Discover credit card logo on it.  Is that not the most insane thing I could have told you just there?  They could have glued his remains to a hairless cat and paraded it out on a unicycle and it wouldn’t have been any more strange than a used Discover card baggie.  Where the hell do you even get a Discover card baggie from?

NBC news tried to contact Gwar’s management company for comment and the number had been disconnected.  Hopefully this mean’s someone is in that building, huddled over the remains of Dave Brockie in the dark, with a stolen gold record and other personal effects, just praying this all blows over so they can get back to something absolutely insane with another man’s ashes.

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Disputes over things like the man’s guitar and a gold album are one thing, bands do this crap all the time when a member dies, or even just leaves the band, and it’s the kind f petty squabbling you might expect when everyone wants to believe they have a right to something.  But man, taking a dude’s ashes, that’s just super weird and pretty hard to justify when faced with a dad who just wants his son’s remains and your only claim to them is you used to wear silly costumes with the dead guy and now you just want to keep his ashes around in a Discover card bag because…that’s what he would have wanted?  Good luck with that reasoning.

On the one hand it’s undeniably metal of Gwar to have stolen their lead singer’s remains and I like to think they just sit and drink with them sometimes, maybe tell old stories, maybe try to open a portal to a dark underworld,  whatever.  But the fact is Gwar is about showmanship and that was all for show.  Someone has to take those costumes off to piss and shower and be normal dudes and chicks and that means giving a man his son’s ashes back because come on, seriously?  We can’t possibly live in a world where the law needs to step in and explain why you can’t steal somebody’s cremated remains.  We’re not that bad yet.  Steal you buddy’s ashes for a night when you’re drunk, sure.  Drive to the coast, look at the ocean, talk about all the plans you had that you’ll never see through now.  But then you sober up and go back home feeling like an asshole to give them back to his family who lost a hell of a lot more than you did.

Anyway, we hung out with Gwar a few years back, so let’s pull this out of the vault and wish Oderus godspeed in getting back to wherever it is he truly belongs.

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