Guy’s Leg Snaps BACKWARDS While Trying To Use Leg Press At Gym

There’s a reason they say not to lock your knees when working out at the gym, and it’s not just because your trainer likes repeating herself over and over. Keeping your knees slightly bent at all times helps prevent you from injuring yourself, a lesson that Ambrish Patel learned the hard way while working out at the Pelvahaan gym in western India:

Since being uploaded to Facebook on Saturday, video of Ambrish’s gym failure has been viewed by over 90 million people which, coincidentally, is almost the same number of dicks your mom’s been known to suck on any given Friday night. Gotta pay the bills somehow, right?

And in case you were concerned about Ambrish (I know you’re not, but let’s pretend we’re all nice people for just a moment, shall we?), one of the employees at the gym came forward to tell Daily Mail that he’ll be fine…eventually. “He’s alright now,” the unidentified employee explained, “but he will be in recovery for the next six months. We have visited him in the hospital and he is good. He is not upset.”

Well yeah – going viral and becoming known worldwide is a pretty decent consolation prize to snapping your leg in half. Granted, he’s known for being a scrub at the gym…

…but in 2017, infamy no longer exists:all these n00bs who found out the hard way that no, just because you have a gym membership does not mean you have any idea what you’re doing in any way, shape or form.