Guy’s Response To A Girl’s Superficial Question On Tinder Is Perfect

The last time I heard a positve story from the online dating world of Tinder was, well, never. I’d never heard of one. Online dating is supposed to make the dating experience a whole lot easier, but it seems to be making it worse now that people are allowed to be more superficial and picky from the comfort of their living room. And guys have been giving the short end of the stick for a long time now. Some for good reason.

There have been countless articles pointing the finger at how superficial (and mostly insane) guys are on dating sites, so it’s fun when the women are finally caught pulling the same thing. And this guy’s response is perfect.

Considering this is obviously from text messaging, they must’ve exchanged numbers pretty quickly since she saved this question for later. It’s not so much the girl’s question to this guy about his height, it’s her response when he answers her with the “correct” answer. If he were shorter than her preference, do you think she would still be interested? Shame out a good personality can’t outshine height for most.

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source: Reddit