Guy Spends 17 Years In Prison For Looking Exactly Like The Real Criminal

My favorite joke from Blossom—in addition to the only one I’m able to remember—is when Blossom uses the word “doppelganger” and Six asks, “Why do the Germans have a word for that? Is that like some sort of problem over there?”

Is certainly was a problem for Richard Anthony Jones. He spent seventeen years in the clink for looking damn near exactly like the man who actually committed the crime Jones went away for, a 1999 robbery in Roeland Park, Kansas. Despite having a verified alibi, Jones was put away solely on eyewitness identification, which, while resolutely unjust and unacceptable, is somewhat understandable.

Look at these guys. (Jones is on the right.)

While locked up, Jones heard repeatedly from other prisoners about another incarcerated guy who looked exactly like him. With his case already being handled by lawyer Alice Craig at the Midwest Innocence Project, Jones passed the info along. Craig’s investigation turned up Jones’ brother from another mother, who also lived in the immediate vicinity of the robbery during its commission AND shared the same first name.

Pictures were shown side-by-side to the original victim, two eyewitnesses, and prosecutor, who couldn’t tell them apart any easier than Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen, who, in case you didn’t know, are fraternal and not identical twins.

Jones had his conviction overturned and walked out of jail a free man earlier this month.

A Go Fund Me has been set up to help the guy get back on his feet. You can donate here.