Guy Is Afraid People Think He’s A Pedophile Because His GF Looks So Young

Sometimes you’ll see a woman and you’re really just not sure of her age. Sure, she looks about 15, but in reality she’s 20. Or, she looks about 20 but is really 15. It’s a mixed up situation which is why if you’re over the age of 40 to just stay away from that whole age group completely. For Mr. Shakey Finks though (dude sounds like a Dick Tracy villain), he thinks his girlfriend looks SO YOUNG, he’s afraid to kiss her in public because people might consider him a pedophile.

Here’s a picture of Finks and his super young looking girlfriend below.

Yep, she looks real young there buddy. So young in fact, she looks like she may or may not have seen the first Star Wars in the theatre. Despite how fucking old she actually looks, Finks alleges that people yell “child abuse” at him when the two are being affectionate in public. Jesus, does EVERYONE in the world need glasses now? 

Regardless, Finks says the false allegations of him being a pedophile are not only ruining his life but his relationship with Jessica Stevens, pictured in the photo.

Maybe passersby are just looking at their teeth and think Jessica is way younger by comparison?

Regardless, the police have told Finks to carry a photocopy of Jessica’s driver’s license so he can prove that she is of age. I’d like to think that this is one massive practical joke on the poor guy. I mean, it’d be one thing to actually have an ACTUAL young-looking girlfriend and be paranoid that everyone thinks she’s super young but it’s another to be stuck with a very normal looking woman AND still have everyone shit on you.

Do you think Jessica looks like she’s younger than 18-years-old?

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