Guy Starts Texting Another Dude After Girl Gives Him A Fake Phone Number

A girl giving a random dude a completely made up phone number can be just mean. Oh, not for the dude that’s receiving the number, for the person who actually owns the “made up phone number” given out to the stranger. Because you know that stranger is going to really put that number to good use.

A user on Reddit shared a story regarding this exact scenario, stating they were the person who owned the number that was given out. After receiving a few texts from the guy, the recipient of the texts immediately came clean saying that they weren’t the girl they were looking for and that she had given the guy a random phone number, not belonging to her. The guy of course didn’t believe him and persisted.

“Like the title says a few weeks ago I got random texts from a number I didn’t recognize. I politely informed him he had the wrong number and he started, I don’t know, testing me? Kept asking questions about the appearance of the girl, how she was with her sister, where they were (the bus) etc trying to get me to admit I was her.

After a few back and forth of me reiterating that sorry you have the wrong number I finally snapped and told him that if this is how he behaves talking to women no wonder they gave him a fake number and would probably be changing bus lines to avoid him. He didn’t reply to that.

It was annoying. I understand giving a fake number but being the fake number given is a huge ass pain.

Apparently not all texting the wrong person scenarios are as awful as this. A commentor on the Reddit post mentioned how they accidentally texted a picture of their dog to the wrong number and had been trading dog pictures ever since. Had never met the person, seen their face or know their name, but have traded over 250 dog pictures ever since. Here’s an example they posted.

So ladies, if you decide to give out a fake phone number, realize you’re doing more harm than you think you’re avoiding.

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source: Reddit