Guy Tells Girlfriend He Cheated On Her As April Fools Prank And It Backfires Horribly

19-year-old Maryland resident “Rodney” has learned the hard way that you don’t prank your girlfriend about having slept with someone else. That’s like drinking liquid laxatives and then crushing a burrito bowl from Chipotle — you just don’t do it. You CAN do it, but don’t go in expecting roses and then get pissed when you come out with soiled underwear and a burning asshole (we’ve all had those dumps — don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

But for Rodney, it all seemed like an innocent April Fool’s joke. Messaging his high school sweetheart, Rodney wrote “I’m just gonna be honest with you — I kissed another girl yesterday.”

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Unfortunately for Rodney, things took a turn for the worse when instead of flipping out on him for being a lying, cheating no-good dickbag, his girlfriend went and admitted to sleeping with someone else herself. Not quite the response you want from an April Fool’s prank, but still better than her racing over and smashing a brick through his windshield.

Speaking to Unilad, Rodney said that he was just trying to do a simple prank. “She said she was at a party the night before and got drunk and apparently slept with some guy and her best friend slept with some guy too in the same room so I think that was their intention.”

“Made me feel like complete shit. I’m questioning if I even wanna be in a relationship anymore now, and we have separated and not spoken since. At this point there is nothing left to say.”

But at first Rodney didn’t believe her — which is fair, considering Rodney was full of shit in the first place and it WAS April 1st.

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You’d think the girl would take this chance to be like “Oh wait, just kidding me too yayyyy let’s forget this ever happened,” but instead of taking the smart way out she texted her best friend to confirm that she’d cheated on Rodney, then sent a screenshot of that conversation to him:

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“LMAOO” is right — this girl is dumb enough to fuck her relationship up in the first place, then doesn’t recognize the chance to lie and turn it all around? You can’t have it both ways: you’re either a dirtbag for cheating and then you continue being a dirtbag by lying, or you don’t cheat and you don’t have to lie in the first place. Mixing and matching by cheating then telling the truth doesn’t absolve you of anything; you’re still a piece of shit. Might as well stick to your guns and come out on top if you’re going to do anything at all.

As for Rodney, he says that his now ex-girlfriend hasn’t said anything to him after the whole misfire. “I think she is probably mad at all the attention she would be getting if people knew who she was…when I sent ‘LMAOO’ I was hurt yes, but I didn’t want her to know that, so I sent that and blocked her after.”

Lesson learned — don’t prank your girlfriend that you cheated on her unless you’re prepared to her to have done the same to you.

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